You’ll never regret us heeling your wood.

About Heeler Wood Care

At Heeler Wood Care, we offer a wide range of wood fences, pergolas, backyard decks, gazebos and more!  We are known for our professionalism, honesty and uniquely providing solutions to most any requirement presented to us. 

With our considerable knowledge of the industry and our collaborative approach to each project, our over decade of experience provides you with the answers to your needs.

Our Story

Established in 2009, Lance Whatley has methodically and organically grown Heeler Wood Care into a well known North Texas  entity. His uniquely broad knowledge of construction and design platforms has enabled him to continually move the business forward each year by adding new "wood and metal modules" to Heeler Wood Care's vastly increasing offerings.

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Attention to Detail

Precision and detail are objectives that Heeler Wood Care strives to attain in every project that is undertaken. 

Whether it is a simple gate replacement or a complicated pergola that has a drop dead date deadline, (read big backyard wedding party) we insure that attention to detail is paramount in the finished product.

Heeler Wood Care

Budget Friendly

At Heeler Wood Care, we are mindful of your budget. Our protocols are that we collaborate and plan up front to insure that we stay within the guidelines the customer requests. If changes are made along the way, we agree in writing so that there are no surprises when finished.

We give personal attention to every project.

Our Team